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                        LED High Bay Light
                        Located:LED High Bay Light
                        200W-300W LED High Bay Lamp

                        200W-300W LED High Bay Lamp


                        Product introduction

                        Patented technology Aluminum Alloy fin-heatsink design
                        Convenient E26 or E27 or E39 or E40 screw-in base.
                        Patent No.:ZL201220618078.6
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                        Technical Parameter Features Replacement Package Applications


                        200w led lamp.jpg


                        The Great Light KW-SE model (Patent No.:ZL201220618078.6) design the simplest, easiest, most efficient, most cost effective LED for high demands lighting ,such as Manufacturing and industrial buildings,warehouses, shopping spaces, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, and precision manufacturing assembly. Installation height 3-35 m. Industrial LED lamp series KW-SE is new structure with a high light output and low power consumption for universal use. Chip Cooling method patented technology Aluminum Alloy fin-heatsink design with fan cooling guarantees stable light output and extend the life of chips.  Suitable for screw-in base (E26/E27/E39 / E40) or suspended installation.


                        PRODUCT NOTES: When installing LED KW-SE Series retrofit lamps within HID/HPS/MHL/CFL fixtures, ballast must be bypassed when present.


                          Model KW-SE
                          Power 200W 250W                                                   300W                                                   
                          Dimension 187X298mm 187X298mm 187X330mm
                          N.W. 1.42kg 1.42kg 1.85kg
                          Input Voltage
                          Frequency Range
                          Total Harmonic Distortion
                        ≤ 9 %
                          Power Factor
                          Power Efficiency
                        >87 %
                          Working Voltage
                          Color Rendering Index
                        Aluminum Alloy
                          Led Luminous Efficiency
                        130Lm /W
                          lamps Efficiency
                        >91 %
                          Illuminance Uniformity
                          Color Tenperature
                          Light emitting angle
                          Junction Temperature  
                        Lamp Base E40 E39 E27 E26
                          Working Lifespan

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                        1.High brightness CREE or Sumsung chips .

                        2. Using intelligent temperature control driver , Safe ,Reliable,Stable.

                        3. Unique lighting design, higher lighting effects , Durable aluminum housing .

                        4. To use Fin sheet heat sink, 10 times heat dissipation effect compare regular led light heat-sink.

                        5. With 60° 90° or 120° lens, no need refector; high bay reflector can supply with lamp to you also as you like.

                        6. Perfect fan cooling:long life ,double ball,high speed,no noise. Instantaneous dispel the heat in the LED lamps,the perfect solutions to the heat ventilation of led.

                        7.Light weight 1~2kg ,low cost in shipping fee ,install more easy and safety than old type led high bay light(>9kg)

                        Replacement MHL/HPS/CFL/HID lamps

                        Neutral packing with PE foam to protect lamp

                        6pcs per carton ,Carton Size: 61x42.5x38CM



                         Site / Roadway / Post Top, Security lighting, Parks and quads,Municipal lighting, Parking Garage, Low Bay , Parking Garages, Gas Station Canopy Lighting, Warehouse High Bay, Grow Lighting etc..

                        Address:Building A, Chuangjian Industrial Park, Yingrenshi Village, Shiyan Town,Bao'an District,Shenzhen,Guangdong,China
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