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                        LED Street Light
                        Located:LED Street Light
                        Modular LED Street Light

                        Modular LED Street Light


                        Product introduction

                        Modular Bridgelux Chips LED Street Light
                        50,000 hour rated life.
                        Over 130 lumens/watt
                        IP65 rated.
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                        Technical Parameter Features Replacement Package Applications

                        Input Voltage
                        AC100V~240V DC12V24V
                        Freqency Range
                        Total Harmonic Distortion
                        ≤ 9 %
                        Power Factor
                        Power Efficiency
                        >87 %
                        Working Voltage
                        Aluminum Alloy
                        Power 80W/100W/120W/150W
                        Led Luminous Efficiency
                        130Lm /W
                        lamps Efficiency
                        >91 %
                        Illuminance Uniformity
                        Color Tenperature
                        Color Rendering Index
                        Light Distribution
                        Symmetric rectangular facula
                        Light Design
                        Junction Temperature  
                        Working Temperature
                        -40℃ ~ +55℃
                        Storage Temperature
                        -25℃ ~ +65℃
                        IP Grade
                        Net weight
                        7 Kg
                        Working Life-span

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                         KW-LE  led street light is the innovative and economic solution for Outdoor- and Street illumination. Due to its plain and timeless design with symmetric rectangular light distribution is very favoured in urban areas, residential areas and even at bicycle lanes. 

                        Unique Design ,High Luminous Efficiency

                        ●Direct Heat Dissipation To Full Aluminum Alloy Housing

                        ●Easy Installation: one man install.

                        ●High And Low Power, AC / DC of Choice.Compatible To Work With Solar and Wind
                        Energy for More Energy Saving

                        ●Transient/Surge /Over-temperature Protection Driver,Reliable Extended Lifespan.

                        ●No Mercury or Other Hazardous Materials 


                        Modular Bridgelux Chips LED Street Light Package:


                        Carton Size:60*32*17CM


                        ●Applied to solar and wind powered lighting;

                        ●Applied to urban sub-trunk roads , residential roads ,crossroads and sidewalk lighting;

                        ●Applied to landscape lamp, courtyard lighting campuses lighting parking lighting etc.
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