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      LED Downlight
      Located:LED Downlight
      Surface Mounted Downlight 40W-150W

      Surface Mounted Downlight 40W-150W


      Product introduction

      High Power LED Downlight
      Type:surface mounted
      Input Voltage:AC100V-305V/347V/480V
      Housing Finishing Color:Black/White/Grey
      Dimmable and emergency are on request.
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      Technical Parameter Features Replacement Package Applications


      led cylinder.jpg
      KW-SH LED Surface Mounted Downlight(cylinder light) is Architecturally designed fitting with simple installation. Available in Black finish, can also be white/grey finishing . This downlight is environmentally friend and does not contain harmful substances. It is equipped with CREE LED chips. Comes in Warm White, Cool White or Day Light. High power 40W-150W ,perfect for 3-12m height ceiling.
               8inch downlight.jpg

        Input Voltage
        Frequency Range
        Total Harmonic Distortion
      ≤ 9 %
        Power Factor
        Power Efficiency
      >87 %
        Working Voltage
        Color Rendering Index
      Aluminum Alloy
        Led Luminous Efficiency
      130Lm /W
        lamps Efficiency
      >91 %
        Illuminance Uniformity
        Color Tenperature
        Light emitting angle
        Junction Temperature  
        Working Temperature
      -40℃ ~ +55℃
        Storage Temperature
      -25℃ ~ +65℃
        Working Lifespan
      Family Model
      Model No. Watt Luminous Flux Dimension Weight
      KW-SH40W 40W 3600-4000lm 180x190mm   1.3kg
      KW-SH50W 50W 4500-5000lm 180x190mm   1.3kg
      KW-SH60W 60W 5400-6000lm 180x190mm   1.3kg
      KW-SH80W 80W 7200-8000lm 220x219mm 2kg
      KW-SH100W 100W 9000-10000lm 220x219mm 2kg
      KW-SH120W 120W 10800-12000lm 220x219mm 2kg
      KW-SH150W 150W 12500-15000lm 220X219mm 2kg


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      1.All-in-one mono body in aluminum fin heat sink for excellent heat spreading. 

      2.Equipped with high quality CREE LED chips 130lm/w.
      3.Finish Colour: Black/White/Grey
      4.Go green ,energy saving , no mercury pollution.
      5.Instant start up: Silent operation and flicker-free,effectively protecting the eyes.
      6.50,000 hours lifespan.

      Replacement for MHL/HPS/CFL downlights

      General indoor lighting in office, study, living room, kitchen, dining room, display case, etc

      Commercial lighting in shopping malls, restaurants, schools,metro stations and other indoor lighting.

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